Fountain Hills Active Transportation Plan 2021

Active Transportation Plan - On the Move


An Active Transportation Plan reviews the non-vehicular transportation system in the Town and recommends improvements to the bicycle and pedestrian systems to improve safety, functionality and usability of the system.

Through the planning process, citizens will be asked to help identify key gaps in the sidewalk and bike path systems and where the priorities should be for improvements.

The Plan will also review safety issues to improve safety in these transportation systems and identify educational material for help people know how to use these modes safely.

Fountain Park


The Town, with the assistance a consultant, J2 Engineering and Environmental Design, is currently undertaking this planning process. Opportunities for citizen involvement, review, and comments will be provided throughout the Plan development and adoption process.

The Planning process began in August, 2020, with gathering of data, establishing base maps, and outlining the steps to complete the Plan. The goal is to have the Plan completed by June, 2021.  

All citizens are invited to participate in this planning process. Options include:

Fountain Hills - On the Move