2021 Meeting Schedule

At the beginning of each calendar year, the Town Council approves a meeting listing for the entire year. Throughout the year, changes may be made to this listing, but a current copy may be viewed here.

Agendas / Packets / Minutes / Videos

Beginning with the September 3, 2019, Town Council Meeting, the Town began using AgendaQuick, a web-based Agenda Management System that has been designed for ease of use and offers powerful tools for the citizens.

This webpage will serve as the user’s hub for accessing all future and past agendas, packets, minutes, and videos. If you should have any questions with this program, please feel free to contact Elizabeth Burke, Town Clerk, at eburke@fh.az.gov or 480-816-5115. Thank you!

Public Meeting Comment Cards

Since December 15, 2020, the Town of Fountain Hills Town Council meetings in the Town Hall Council Chambers has been closed to the public in an abundance of caution against the spread of COVID-19. At the March 2, 2021 Town Council meeting, Mayor Ginny Dickey announced that future Council meetings will be open to in-person participation. The mayor also announced that Boards and Commissions meetings will also be open to public attendance and participation. All attendees are asked to physically distance and wear a face covering while in Town Hall.

TO SPEAK TO AN AGENDA ITEM, please complete a Request to Comment card, located in the back of the Council Chambers, and hand it to the Town Clerk prior to discussion of that item, if possible. Include the agenda item on which you wish to comment. Speakers will be allowed three contiguous minutes to address the Council. Verbal comments should be directed through the Presiding Officer and not to individual Councilmembers.

TO COMMENT ON AN AGENDA ITEM IN WRITING ONLY, please complete a Request to Comment card, indicating it is a written comment, and check the box on whether you are FOR or AGAINST and agenda item, and hand it to the Town Clerk prior to discussion, if possible.

Town CouncilLINK

09/03/2019 and Forward

08/13/2019 and Past

Board of Adjustment02/2020 and Forward
01/2020 and Past 

Community Services Advisory Commission2020 and Forward
2019 and Past

McDowell Mountain Preservation Commission2020 and Forward
2019 and Past

Municipal Property Corporation2020 and Forward
2019 and Past

Planning and Zoning Commission2020 and Forward
2019 and Past

Sister Cities Advisory Commission2020 and Forward
2019 and Past

Strategic Planning Advisory Commission02/2020 and Forward
01/2020 and Past

Town Council Subcommittee11/01/2020 and Forward
10/31/2020 and Past