Solar Systems Expedited Permit Process

The Town of Fountain Hills is committed in helping you with the process of getting your solar project up and running as quickly as possible.

With that commitment, the Town has adopted a policy to provide the quickest and most efficient way to process your solar power installation permits.

Whether you have a photovoltaic system or solar water heater installation, Town staff is ready to assist you in getting your permit processed quickly.
Solar Panels soaking up rays of sun
Permitting Process
First thing you will need to do is obtain the Solar Systems plan review / Inspection Checklist (PDF). The checklist is a comprehensive and easy to read form that standardizes the requirements for your project. The form is a step-by-step list that outlines the requirements for each project. All you have to do is make sure you have all the required information for your project when coming in for your permit. Remember, the more complete your information, the faster the process will be.

Photovoltaic Permits

The process for a photovoltaic system can take up to two days but usually are processed within one business day.
The process for a solar hot water system is an easy “over the counter” permit that is easily processed the same day, usually while you wait.

Just a friendly reminder not to forget your rebates! Here are some websites you may want to visit:
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