Exercise Programs

  1. Parkinson Exercise
  2. Peer-Led Exercise

Parkinson Exercise

  • Day: Fridays
  • Time: 9 - 10 a.m. - Art of Moving and More
  • Seated PD specific exercise class utilizing exercises from both John Argue's Art of Moving and PWR.  Fitness protocols. 
  • Time:  10-11 a.m. - PWR!  Movies
  • PD Group exercise class is for those who can work at a moderate to high intensity with minimal to no assistance during walking or other activities.  Participants must be able to get up/down from the floor alone or with the use of a chair.
  • Both Art of Moving and More and PWR! Moves classes are designed to target the symptoms of Parkinson's disease ranging from bradykinesia and rigidity to cognitive dysfunctions and emotional impairments.  the program is directed by a professional exercise physiologist.  There is a fee for the classes payable to the instructor.  Space is limited so pre-registration is required.  For more information about these classes call the Muhammed Ali Parkinson Center at 602-406-3840.  Classes do not meet during the summer season.  Activity Center membership is required.  Classes sponsored by Barrow Neurological Institute and Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center.