The strong local and regional transportation system allows workers to freely and easily commute to jobs in and around the Metro Phoenix area. The easy commuting patterns open up opportunities to attract a workforce from a significant geographic area.

The average 1-way commute time in the metro Phoenix area is approximately 29 minutes. Within the 29-minute average 1-way commuting distance, Fountain Hills has access to a labor force of about 193,000 highly skilled and educated workers.


Fountain Hills possesses a well-educated workforce with 55.1% holding an associate's degree or higher, an invaluable asset to local and regional companies. The education level of the Fountain Hills region exceeds that of the County and State with about 79% of the 193,000 workers having a "white collar" occupation classification, which includes those who work in a manufacturing environment.


Fountain Hills pulls its labor force from surrounding communities including Scottsdale, Mesa, Rio Verde and Ft. McDowell. Within this trade area, businesses are able to attract a large, diverse pool of workers. The map shows the geographic area which encompasses Fountain Hills' labor force trade area.
A map of the geographical area encompassing Fountain Hills