Household Hazardous Waste

The next HHW collection event is November, 2019.  Please check back for further updates and be sure to check the Fountain Hills Times for advertisements.

Latex Paint

Old latex paint can be dried out in the can and then disposed of in your regular garbage. Ace Hardware also has an additive you can put in your paint to help dry it out faster.

Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Your compact fluorescent light bulbs, which contain mercury, can be dropped off at the Town Center during the two collection events.  One in the spring along with the paper shredding event and the other during the fall at the time of the electronics recycling event.

Local Business Support

Our local O' Riley's Auto Parts store located on Shea Boulevard, will take in old motor oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid at no cost. Mike’s Automotive on Panorama Drive will also take in old automotive coolant/antifreeze at no cost.

We would like to thank these local businesses for their continued support in helping keep our environment safe.