Text-A-Tip Process

How It Works
  • Your text message is sent to a secure Canadian private company where the cell phone number is encrypted and assigned an alias.
  • The Canadian company retains only the minimum information required to facilitate replies.
  • The message is assigned a second alias (Tipster ID) and replies to you with directions on how to proceed and your Tipster ID.
  • The Canadian company then sends the Tipster ID and message to MCSO of Fountain Hills.
  • MCSO of Fountain Hills receives only the content of the text message and the second alias (Tipster ID) assigned by the Canadian company.
  • The next reply to you will come from a Deputy in Fountain Hills - all of your texting will be encrypted through Canada which substitutes the first alias for the second alias, sends the message to the Canadian server, which decrypts the original phone number, substitutes it for the alias, and forwards the message to the mobile telephone SMS network.
  • The text exchanges continue until either you or MCSO of FH texts "stop" to end the tip conversation.
This process ensures that no one has access to your cell phone number. The agreement between the Canadian company requires that all information be held in strict confidence and that only the minimum information required to associate the encrypted alias with the mobile phone number is retained. This position is supported by a Supreme Court of Canada decision that upheld the legal privilege extended to those who provide anonymous information to Crime Stoppers programs.

The only record of your texting in a tip is on your cell phone. Remember to erase your text conversation after sending in the tip.

This identical process is used by 9 out of 10 of the largest cities in the United States and Canada including NY, LA, Chicago and Vancouver police departments. It is completely anonymous and there is no way to trace your phone.