Tax Information

Transaction Privilege Tax Program
The Town of Fountain Hills is a "program city" under the State of Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax Program. As a result, taxes for the Town are reported to and collected by the State of Arizona Department of Revenue on form TPT-1. The current sales tax rate for Fountain Hills, including the county and state portions, is 8.9%.

*Effective January 1, 2015, the Arizona Department of Revenue has changed the business class codes listed below. Click here for a complete listing.

Fountain Hills Tax Code

  1. Retail Sales Tax
  2. Fountain Hills Tax Rates
  3. Transaction Privilege Tax
  4. Transient Occupant Tax
  5. Rentals
  6. Other Tax Rates
  7. New Homes & Construction
  8. Lot Construction
  9. New Construction on Taxed Lot
  10. Home & Lot Sold Together
Sales Tax Rate
The Fountain Hills retail sales tax rate is 2.6% (1.6% for long term residential rentals) and is reported on a separate line with the region code of FH.  Below is a partial listing:
  • FH017 - Retail Sales
  • FH011 - Restaurants and bars
  • FH029 - Use tax purchases
  • FH044 - Hotel / motel (short term rental, less than 30 days) 
  • FH144 - Hotel / motel - additional tax
  • FH045 - Residential rentals/leases (long term rental, more than 30 days)
  • FH213 - Commercial rentals/leases
  • FH313 - Commercial rentals/leases - additional tax
  • FH015 - Contracting - prime
Please be aware that local sales tax is charged on food in Fountain Hills.